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What is Spiritual Direction?

I am a certified spiritual director, trained in the Benedictine tradition at the Global Online Benedictine Spiritual Direction Program in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Spiritual direction is:

· The art of listening to the soul journey of another.

· The exploration of a person’s spiritual path with someone trained to listen and discern.

· Helping people deepen their intimacy with God

· Helping people get unstuck from unhealthy views of God, themselves, and others

· Being attentive to God’s life and movement in our human quest for meaning, love, and identity

· Helping people tell their sacred stories

· Having a field guide on the path of life

· Having an accompanist behind the music of your life

· Holy listening

· Midwifery for the soul

· Creating space for God

· Guiding others towards greater spiritual formation

I walk with people as God makes them whole.

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