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My Covenant with You 


Please think of me as a companion on your journey. In spiritual direction and life coaching, I seek to listen deeply to you with the intent of seeing God at work in your life and pointing out divine touches. I never want to push or coerce. Please let me know if you feel I’m overstepping. Spiritual direction is not therapy. Life coaching is not therapy. I don’t diagnose anyone or treat mental illnesses. If you’re in therapy, please inform your therapist that you’re also engaging in spiritual direction and life coaching.


Everything you share with me is strictly confidential. The only exceptions are if I become convinced you are likely to hurt yourself or someone else. In those cases, I would make appropriate referrals because I care about you.


Come with an open heart and mind. Your role is to share whatever is on your heart and to seek God through prayer, scripture, spiritual reading, meditation, contemplation, and/or dialogue. We both need to approach our sessions with a sense of holy attentiveness and expectation.


I’m assuming that we both value prayer/meditation and spiritual reading. We can talk about that if you want; we can pray together if you’d like. But whether we do or not, please know I am praying for you. 


Normally, we’ll meet weekly  for about an hour via Zoom, SKYPE, FaceTime, Go Meeting, or something similar. It is important that we both keep our meeting spaces quiet, private and sacred so you can safely share openly. After our first three sessions, we will reëvaluate to make sure we’re a good fit.


My normal fee is $100/session, but that may be negotiable; contact me and we will see what can be worked out. We have found that people generally pay for what they feel is valuable, and have more stake in the process if they are paying something. That said, spiritual direction should be available to all.


By way of a bit of background, I’ve been trained, acknowledged, and fully certified in the Benedictine tradition of Spiritual Direction through the Benet Hill Monastery Global Spiritual Direction Program in Colorado Springs.[1] I’m also an ordained minister (ABCUSA)[2], a board-certified chaplain (BCCi), a board-certified life coach (BCC), and a member of  both Grafted Life Community & Spiritual Directors International. I have a PhD in psychology and an M.Div. degree in ministry. I’m happily married, have five children, and eight grandchildren.


Here’s my contact information:

Lawrence (Larry) Taylor, M.Div., PhD, BCCi, BCC     C: 513.547.3170


Please send me an email indicating you read and agree and provide me with your contact information (phone number and email). Blessings, Larry


[1] Benet Hill has been training spiritual directors for 50 years and has graduated nearly 1,000 students

[2] American Baptist Churches, USA


The Unstuck Spirit

moving into spiritual wholeness 

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