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The Divine Dance

God is a God of relationship, creativity, movement and love – Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer dancing – from the heart of God flows the music that creates life and light, the love that spills over and makes, for God is Maker.

Needing nothing, perfect and complete within the godhead, infectious divine joy sings worlds into orbit and declares them very good.

Dancing like the aurora borealis, painting the skies with tender mercy.

Love isn’t love unless freely given, freely received.

The magnificent project went askew. War, brutality, racism, nationalism, xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny, greed, extraction economies, oppression, injustice, pollution, mass extinctions, genocides, addictions, illness, poverty, suicide, refugees, homeless camps, gangs, murder, rising sea-levels, idols – Mars, Mammon, Caesar, Aphrodite

… and the Maker wept.

Broken-hearted, but determined, God began the Great Rescue by choosing a person (Abraham), to form a people (Israel), to bring Love to all.

Instead, they became religious, cold, judgmental.

But God broke through, came to earth, the Jewish Messiah, fully human, showing humankind what it looks like to live in perfect harmony with the Divine, absorbing all sin, rebellion, transgression, evil, injustice, into himself, hanging on a Roman gibbet, forgiving those who were torturing him to death.

The deep magic of the universe – evil is conquered by Perfect Love; sin is destroyed by Unconditional Forgiveness; death is crushed by dying. No tomb could hold him.

God is making all things new. New creation. Heaven will marry Earth.

And the streets of the cities will be filled with little children playing.

And war will be no more.

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