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The "Cure" for Fears

I saw a sign: “Faith, not Fear” with a picture of a surgical mask in a circle with line through it.

The opposite of fear isn’t faith.

It’s perfectly normal to have faith and fear simultaneously.

Fear is a normal human emotion. It serves a purpose. It helps keep us out of harm’s way.

It’s perfectly natural to feel fear when facing a major surgery, an unknown ailment, or a financial crisis. It’s normal to feel fear if we’re being threatened.

Like any other emotion, fear can take over our lives.

It can paralyze us, lead to rash decisions, or plunge us into a swamp of anxiety disorders.

When it does, if it does, there are a lot of great counselors out there who can help.

But, even if you’re battling with panic attacks, that doesn’t indicate a lack of faith.

The opposite of fear isn’t faith.

The opposite of fear is love.

Perfect love casts out fear. (1 John 4:18)

Nowhere is it written that perfect faith casts out fear.

Ultimately, the cure for excessive fear is love.

Not just any love – Perfect Love

I do not mean to imply that that’s easy, quick, or simple.

It takes a lifetime to sink into the depths of love.

God is love.

There is nothing unloving about God.

You are God’s Beloved.

That is your core identity.

As we pray, meditate, mindfully focus on beauty,

Slowly pray the scriptures into our hearts,

Attend to and affirm others,

Spend time listening to those Jesus called “least” of his siblings (Matthew 25),

Being open to the wonders of creation,

We are slowly immersed more deeply into the heart of God.

We increasingly discover the grace of perfect love.

And fear slowly melts away like spring ice on a mountain stream,

And we drink deeply of

The Water of Life.

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