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Searching for the True Self

He sailed from island to island

Never setting ashore, nor

Dropping anchor in spite of

Inviting coves of clear water,

Reefs teeming with color, and the

Enticing calls of undisturbed wildlife.

She sported a cutter rig, her twin

Jibs imitating the harmony of twins

So identical they could finish

Each other’s thoughts and sense

When one was in danger.

The islands were clustered close to

One another like multiple peaks on

The same mountain range, and were,

No doubt, welded in the depths by

The fiery passion of Aganju and Pelé.

Many but One.

Each island seemed to him to be like the last,

Each a forbidding, beckoning paradise of

Wondrous danger.

He did not know why he at last

Anchored in this cove that resembled all others;

Until, emerging from the rain forest,

The tall image of himself – his twin –

identical except in height –

He had never known of him,

Yet was oddly not surprised at his existence,

As if he had somehow known all along.

Surprised by how much taller he was,

Yet otherwise alike in

Countenance, gait, and voice.

Immediate recognition and trust as the taller

Brother called out from the shore to

His diminutive self on board,

“This island! Explore this island!”

And so, the adventure begins.

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