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Untying the threads that bind

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Everyone who influences us, and every event that directly affects us, is like a thread. Those threads weave together into the tapestry that is us.

Sometimes those threads get all tangled up, and we find ourselves in knots.

Or, to use another analogy, life is like backpacking – an adventure that is at times beautiful, at times difficult, and at times scary. We occasionally find ourselves stuck in the mud struggling to take the next step.

What are the threads that tangle us up? What’s the muck pulling us down? It’s different for each of us. Some possibilities include losses, like the loss of a job, a career, a reputation, or a loved one. Or, maybe it was some kind of abuse that came from a parent, a teacher, a church, or a friend. Or maybe your worldview just isn’t cutting it anymore. You’ve deconstructed a bunch of stuff. Now you’d like to work towards freedom and build a new you.

It doesn’t really matter whose fault it was that we wound up stuck or tangled or confused. Assigning blame doesn’t get us out of the muck or untie the knots.

What we do in our coaching sessions is first identify the threads. Then we start with the one that is at the heart of the knot, and we untie it. Then we do that with each of the threads, one by one, until you’re free.

Then, you can yank yourself up out of the mud, knock off the clods of dirt, and move on down the trail.

It’s a spiritual journey because we’re not all religious, but we’re all spiritual. It’s all about meaning and purpose, and interior freedom. Welcome.

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