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How to stop being arrogant

Affirm others

  1. Accept others

  2. Don’t judge others

  3. Be kind

  4. Be polite

  5. Don't seek approval through achievements.

  6. Look for the value in everyone.

  7. Focus your attention on others.

  8. Engage in small talk and listen.

  9. Ask for immediate feedback.

  10. Be emotionally warm.

  11. Collaborate, don't dominate.

  12. Make your body language welcoming.

  13. Admit when you're wrong.

  14. Laugh at yourself.

  15. Treat yourself with greater kindness.

  16. Spend less time worrying about being right.

  17. Let other people take the lead.

  18. Ask other people for help.

  19. Offer meaningful, realistic compliments.

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1 Comment

Larry Taylor
Larry Taylor
Aug 15, 2022

Jesus really does love and accept you just as you are.

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