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Grief, Loss, Suicide

My oldest child committed suicide when he was not quite 15-years-old. He was not mentally ill. He was not depressed or bipolar. He was not on drugs or using any substances. He was physically healthy – first string on the high school varsity wrestling team, excellent skier, accomplished free solo rock climber. He had a steady girlfriend and good friends. He had a brilliant mind. Academic subjects came easily for him. No one saw it coming. His death was a shock to his family, teachers, friends, everybody. The note he left said he was not depressed; he just “wanted to try a new life.” I, along with the rest of the family, were plunged into decades of grief – a wound we feel today.

So, if you’ve been touched by suicide, the loss of a child from any cause, or struggle with depression or grief, I can walk with you on the journey to wholeness. I guarantee, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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