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Churches that Wound People

I’m not anti-church

Churches have done much good over the centuries –

Invented hospitals, nursing homes, hospice, orphanages

promoting education, working for social justice,

caring for the poor,

building affordable houses,

promoting mental health,

feeding the hungry,

welcoming refugees,

being the driving force behind civil rights …

Like some secular institutions, churches have also caused a lot of hurt when they have strayed from their mission –

Empire building, crusades, inquisitions, supporting the likes of Hitler

And, more contemporarily,

Hurting individuals through







Patriarchal hierarchies

Supporting unjust causes

Supporting nefarious politicians


Environmental destruction

Have you been hurt by a religious institution or its leaders?

Please don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

God is real.

God is love.

God is exactly like Jesus.

There is nothing unchristlike in God.

If you’ve been hurt by a religious institution,

I can help you, walk with you

Through the hurt, pain, anger

Through the deconstruction

And the rebuilding into the

Heart of divine love

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