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Shall We Take a Walk?

At times, it seems like a fairy tale. Peace on earth. All things made new. Thy Kingdom come. The meek inheriting the earth. The last first. Resurrected bodies that have physicality yet are not limited to time or space. Is it all wishful thinking?

Humanity is on the brink of extinction. We have destroyed our environment almost to the point of no return.

At least a half dozen countries have the ability to annihilate every living being on earth multiple times over. Dictators have their fingers on the buttons.

Antidemocratic, authoritarian jingoism has taken over one of two political parties in the U.S. An ex-president is charged with subverting elections, inciting insurrection, and spreading seditious lies. He may be our next president.

Antisemitism and racism are on the rise.

The nation is awash with guns. Mass shootings are common. White nationalists are prepared for civil war.

Mental illness, depression, despair, and suicide are at an all-time high.

It appears to be a toss-up as to what will destroy us first – Environmental destruction? War? White nationalistic fascism? Corrupt politicians? Guns? Drugs?

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. We shop while society implodes. Some opt for escapism – an imagined rapture, a supernatural evacuation for me and those with whom I agree. Others hope for a technological solution. Maybe AI will take over the world and have more sense than we do. Still others work to change laws, motivate the electorate, petition the courts. A significant majority seem to simply ignore it all by staying distracted with sports, sitcoms, social media, and too much food and paraphernalia. How are we to respond, react, go on?

What’s the answer? Build something, leave a legacy? Bravely face the meaninglessness and refuse to succumb? Make the best of a nonsensical existence? Read books, listen to music, attend the theater, lift a glass with your mates in the local pub? Look deep within for a personal inner peace? Self-hypnosis? Mind-bending substances? Magic mushrooms? Religion?

My job is not to judge, lecture, or impose. My job is to walk with people as they seek and find answers that resonate with their hearts.

· Does life really have meaning?

· How do we parse all the various religions and philosophies?

· Is there life after death?

· Is God real?

· If so, why do innocent people suffer?

· If there is a God, what is God like?

· How do I know what is true?

· Is there a heaven?

· How could a good God send people to hell?

· Is the Bible true?

· Can science and faith be reconciled?

· Why all the different churches and religions?

· What about church abuse? Leaders abusing?

· Why have such horrible things been done in the name of religion?

· Wouldn’t we be better off without religion?

· Why are we here?

· Does my individual life have meaning, purpose?

· If so, what is it?

· How do I deconstruct unhelpful and unhealthy worldviews without throwing the baby out with the bathwater?

· How do I live an authentic life?

· How do I find healthy relationships?

· How do I overcome depression? Anxiety?

· What is my core identity?

· What is my true self? My shadow? My false self?

· How do I become well integrated, actualized?

· How can I respond to the threat of environmental destruction, racism, nationalism, violence, war, shallow consumerism?

· Why am I here?

· Who am I?

I invite you to walk with me.

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