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After her night shift

Updated: Apr 28

After the night shift,


She was, I believe, walking home along a country road just at dawn,

Listening to a chorus of birdsongs, watching the sun rise – deep golden, when

A large jackrabbit caught her eye. Without thinking,

She turned aside and followed the path it took across the barren field

Up into rocky cliffs decorated with petroglyphs.


There, among the depicted people, herds, hunters, and arrows,

A carving of a labyrinth caught her eye.

Forgetting the jackrabbit, she stopped and pondered.


Perhaps it was one of the mirages deserts are known for.

It couldn’t have been sunstroke as it was still the cool of the morning.

Whatever the cause, she swore later that before her eyes

The labyrinth began to turn, slowly spinning counterclockwise.


It stopped when the sun-cast shadow aligned with its

Center, and the cliff in which it was carved

(When? 13 centuries ago?)

Gave a groan and a stone door opened revealing a long, dark hallway.


Shadows played on the sides of the elongated cave tunnel.


A soft feminine voice, musical, lyrical, whispered from within.

It said nothing.

It said everything.

Unafraid, she entered.


An other-worldly glow of amber light illuminated her steps.

She could see clearly where she was going, but not

Where she’d been, nor where she was headed.


Water, so precious in the desert, dripped from the walls.

The air was cool and clear with a tinge of burning sage.

The tunnel opened into a large underground cavern with vaulted ceiling. 


Rainbow colored stalactites hanging from the ceiling,

Kissing emerald-green stalagmites rising from the floor.

A lake of pristine water glistening, reflecting the colors – its surface

Rippled by the fins of large lavender and white fish.




Female voices sang fluctuating ethereal notes.

A deep inner peace swept over her.

She stood in awe, waiting.


Shadows played across the walls – a herd of bison running,

Mountain goats ascending, eagles swooping, fish leaping.

Trickling water accompanied the voices.


All fell silent.


A stag, majestic, huge, many times the size of the largest moose,

Antler rack as wide as a barn, suddenly simply there –

Standing next to the lake under dripping stalactites.


He lowered his massive head, drank deeply, slowly lifted his head, and

Looked directly at her with eyes of massive mercy.


She was not surprised when he spoke in the native tongue of her indigenous ancestors.


“Daughter of the Moon! Come!”


She followed him into another long tunnel,

Although the stag passed easily, the ceiling was for her at times

So low she had to stoop and so narrow she had to turn sideways to pass.


A light appeared – sunlight tunnel’s end.


They emerged into an aquamarine world bathed in soft rose where

All the animals that have ever inhabited earth danced as one.


Waves lapped an orange shore.

Golden dolphins and yellow whales leapt, spun, swirled, breached.


A gentle whirlwind lifted her off the ground and carried her out over the sea.


The stag nodded.


The songs, the voices, the music she had heard resumed, increasing in volume.

Planets above, galaxies, nova, stars spun and sang.

Music of the spheres blended with feminine voices.

Plants and animals joined in. All creation in symphonic harmony.


Beyond time, she gently danced in air and sea,

Sang in ecstasy with creation. Something held her.

She was safe, secure, warm, embraced.


Warm tropical air carried her to an island of white sands and swaying palms.

Gentle people, naked, unashamed, welcomed her with smiles,

Each wore a soft pink lotus vinok.

Their hair was feathers,

Their bodies black as a moonless night,

Their voices as pure as new-fallen snow on the mountaintop.


They escorted her into a banquet hall where

There they dined and drank sweet nectar with gods and unicorns.


The gods were translucent, wearing long flowing robes; they

Floated to the banqueting table, singing the same

Esoteric notes she heard in the tunnels and cavern.


They too were smiling as they lifted her up into the air.

In their care, she flew, softly, gently, without hurry.


High on a mountain they gently set her down before a massive golden throne.

Before the throne, a golden labyrinth, identical to the one in the petroglyphs,

Contemplative cherubim walked the labyrinth slowly chanting their prayers.


A Being made of Light sat thereon.

A deep voice spoke words of Perfect Love.


She drifted into sweet sleep.

Strong arms under her.


She awakened in the homeless encampment in which she lived,

And began her daily task of taking food and bandages to her neighbors.

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