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Spiritual deconstruction is healthy


Many of us are talking about deconstructing our faith.

· Some of us have been hurt by churches.

· Some have been abused by church leaders.

· Some are astonished to see church people support right-wing politics,

· Or reject science,

· Or be so judgmental and controlling,

· Or be hateful towards the LGBTQ community,

· Or seem to care so little about social injustice.

· Others of us struggle with the problem of evil,

· Or violence in the Bible,

· Or how a loving God could consign people to hell-fire.

Whatever the reasons or triggers, the old faith we were taught and accepted just doesn’t work for us anymore. But a deconstructed faith doesn’t have to leave you drifting. It can be reconstructed into a stronger more biblical belief system that makes us more compassionate, more loving, and more like Jesus.

Where do we start?

First, don’t throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater. Not everything you were taught is bologna.

Second, identify what is causing you the most consternation. Is it politics? Violence in scripture? Hell? Gender or social issues? Is your struggle with the organized church or with your view of God? Does the old faith seem incompatible with science? Where, specifically, is your pain coming from?

Third, check out some of the great resources out there, like:

And, finally, if it would help to have someone walk with you who’s been through it, contact me.



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