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My Story

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

I was well cared for, but grew up in an emotionally cold home – lower middle class – big city. As a kid, I struggled with severe anxiety and panic attacks. Then I came to faith during the Jesus Movement and found my tribe, got married at age 18, went into pastoral ministry, had four wonderful kids, and planted and built a big church.

Then it all caved in on me. I got divorced, was kicked out of my church, became the object of much gossip, and got very depressed. I went back to school and studied more psychology and worked as a family therapist with families in which children had been abused.

Things were looking up. Got remarried to the love of my life, moved to the country, had the kids in 4-H, and was making enough money to survive.

Then we got clobbered. My oldest son committed suicide without any warning. He was 15. I was plunged into years of deep clinical depression and massive panic attacks.

A wonderful wife, amazing children, good friends, and competent therapists pulled me out of the quicksand. We went back into ministry, started another church, directed a Bible college, pastored in various places, and, I became a healthcare chaplain serving hospitals and hospices.

Now it’s time to put it all together. The kids are grown. It’s just Kathy and me. (Being quarantined by a global pandemic has shown us we really do like each other.)

Life coaching gives me the opportunity to take what I’ve learned as a spiritual seeker, pastor, therapist, chaplain, dad, spouse, and granddad and use it to help others who feel stuck in life. I’d love to connect with you and journey with you.

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