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Our broken world needs well-integrated, psychologically healthy people – people, in other words, who are kind, tolerant, and nice. We should be using all of our political, psychological, social, educational, and medical resources to produce a world filled with kind nice p

eople. Our broken world also has many systemic problems – racism, poverty, starvation, war. We should, therefore, be using all resources to build a world void of hatred, violence, and injustice. This is the will of God – as in heaven, so also on earth.

As important as those things are, they are not the end. God’s desire, God’s plan is for all things new. God desires not just a patched-up humanity, but a transformed one. To borrow a metaphor from C. S. Lewis, it’s not just teaching a horse to jump higher; it is transforming the horse into a flying Pegasus. The new humanity God is creating is orders of magnitude above even the very best of the old.

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